Nvirocom and the Telecommunications Market in Cameroon

The seminar on costs and tariffs organized by the BDT in May 2011 in Botswana with the participation of Cameroon focused on the contribution rate of mobile termination and roaming mobile in Cameroon. It has stimulated the opening of the telecommunications sector Cameroon, which should now enjoy a period of rapid expansion and development of the infrastructure.
Nvirocom Cameroon is leading the way in Cameroon as one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications services. Nvirocom’s expertise and focus includes the termination of traffic in which it enjoys a significant market share with Government approval. The need for termination services has been promoted in Cameroon since the seminar due to the lack of transportation means.
Nvirocom Cameroon has created the necessary infrastructure and used its unique technology to implement the termination of traffic across Cameroon. Its strong relationships with established giants in the telecommunications sector have also allowed it to take a significant market share. Nvirocom’s unique technology and the size of its market share allows Cameroonian users to be connected with foreign countries at a low cost.
The creation of Nvirocom Cameroon is the culmination of the vision of Mr.Simon Williams and all his team. The rapid expansion and development of Nvirocom is expected to continue in 2012.
According to statistics the penetration rate for broadband internet is 4%. It is an interesting niche market additional for Nvirocom in Cameroon and one that it has taken control of. The increased use of and demand for the internet in Cameroon is reflective of young Cameroonians strong desire to develop computer skills as the communications sector expands and becomes more accessible. Nvirocom also has the option of offering computers and PCs in Cameroon at very low cost and also potentially exempt from customs duty. Other opportunities are open to Nvirocom in Cameroon, particularly in the telecommunications sector and it is anticipated that the use of fibre optics and its unique technology will be a catalyst for new products and services during a period of further expansion as the market develops. The future is certainly bright for both Nvirocom and for the telecommunications market in Cameroon.
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  1. We’ve all seen companies slap a fresh coat of paint on existing products and call them “green,” as in “green IT.” As reported here http://ibm.co/x4YXnY some companies such as IBM are actually building their network equipment such that you as an IT manager can easily dial power usage up or down, adjust clock speed and more, to make a real energy difference.

    • Nvirocom currently use IBM equipment and are very impressed with the power usage management system on there, Also to take it all one step further the infrastructure in which Nvirocom utilise for power comes directly from renewable sources. This has proven 2 advantages in the 3rd world countries in which Nvirocom are present and power is strained, firstly we bring our own power and have provided ourselves with the perfect failsafe in power shortage and secondly we have lowered our carbon footprint and ultimately our bills. Lets hope other telecom companies can think out side the box in the same way and provide the solutions in countries that require it.

  2. Great to hear it. IBM should recruit you as a reference customer; lots of good companies out there but hard to imagine a better energy management reference account than one like Nvirocom clearly built from the ground up to deliver services sustainably–and crucial as well, keeping to a cost-effective price point instead of following the old “pay more to go green” model that shies people away from doing the right thing. What a story. If you don’t mind I’m going to suggest same to my contacts at IBM focused on its Active Energy Manager (AEM) module, part of its Systems Director platform offer.

  3. Sure you can share our philosophy, We simply believe in using renewable energy when ever we set up new network, this way we ensuring that we are a company for the future as we are relevantly new in the market place. Thanks for the comment.

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